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Established in 2004 Dawn Treader Performance specialise in the restoration and running of complex high end racing cars. We are privileged to work with a range of clients from private collectors to motor manufacturers and Formula 1 teams. We have tackled projects ranging from the brutal Formula 1 cars of the turbo era to the ultra sophisticated DTM cars of the mid 1990s through to more recent Indycars.

About DT Performance

Dawn Treader Performance was founded by engineer Patrick Morgan. Patrick manages a small dedicated team that works under the ethos that "Effort = Results". We take our job seriously, we aim to achieve the best possible finish both mechanically and cosmetically while making sure our customers get as much out of the restoration experience as we do.

Basing the workshop on an aerodrome in the heart of motorsport valley allows us unique access to a wide cross section of the Formula 1 supply chain and a smooth 1200m runway for testing and evaluation.

Project Portal

The Dawn Treader Portal allows our customers to follow the progress of their project while in restoration then add to its history themselves. The facility can be as public or as private as each customer wishes and allows limited access via guest passes to friends. Many of our own in house projects are publicly viewable so even if you don't have a car with us you can follow our work.

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